Our church offers many opportunities to those who have a desire to serve the Lord. During the week, if you are available for even half an hour, we would appreciate your help with cleaning/organising the main church building or the church hall.

For further information, please contact this number: 02086164616


Using your gifts and abilities to serve Jesus in our local church:

One of the things which we believe strongly is that God gives gifts and abilities to every Christian which they can use in doing things for Him.

These range from “public abilities” such as preaching and leading worship; through to things which are less visible such as administration and building maintenance to the ability to care for and encourage people in need. There are many more gifts as well; the important thing is to understand the gifts that we have and to see how they can be used in working for God.

If you believe that you have a particular gift and want to use it in the church here, please talk to someone on the leadership team. If you know that you want to do something, but don’t know what you can do, please talk to us as well. It would be a great privilege and pleasure to work with you to help understand how you should be working for God and for His kingdom.