Harlington Baptist Church is a Christian Church – a community of ordinary people who believe in, or are seeking God, and are committed to a relationship with Him through his Son, Jesus Christ, as revealed in the Bible and by His Holy Spirit. We hold to the basic beliefs of the Christian faith and seek to teach, encourage and live out the Christian life as a community and as individuals, and to help others to do the same. We long for everyone, ourselves and others, to find forgiveness, new life and purpose, and eternal peace with God.

We are a ‘free’ Church, a ‘non-conformist’ Church. That means we are not part of the State Church, the Church of England (Anglican). We are ‘free’ of government control, free to organise ourselves. So, within limits, the congregation makes its own decisions. Through the Annual General Meeting and various Members’ Meetings throughout the year, the members play an important part in approving decisions that affect the well-being of the Church.

If you would like to become a member of our local church, please fill out a form (found in the church foyer or by printing out an online copy) and give it to the Church Secretary or the Pastor.