Hall Letting Opportunities

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Here is the information about our church hall which we let out for groups for a range of activities, either on a long-term or one-off basis.
Activities for which people hire the hall include parties (no alcohol please), toddler groups, a range of church services and so forth.
On the ground floor we have a large hall with a stage; a storage room and a kitchen.
Upstairs there are two multipurpose rooms that can be let by the hour, day, week or month.


The Hall: The Hall has approximately 2,895 square feet (269 square metres) of usable space, comprising of a main hall with stage, toddlers toilet, ladies toilet, accessible toilet, gents toilet, kitchen, ground floor storage room, first floor meeting room, and two first floor multipurpose rooms. The building holds approximately 100 to 125 able bodied adults.


Hall Inside


Main Hall & Stage: The Main Hall comprises of a large rectangular room with a wooden floor. There is lighting from above, two gas heaters with safety grills on one wall, and several windows. There is a stage at one end of the hall with stairs leading to the stage from the hallway just outside the main hall. There is also an upright piano as well.



Multipurpose RoomStorage Room: The sotrage room is located on the ground floor of the hall, and situated next to the kitchen, behind the main hall area.  It has a service hatch direct from the kitchen.




Meeting Room


Two Multipurpose Rooms: The meeting rooms are located on the first floor of the building. There is a piano in one of the rooms as well as a meeting table and chairs. There is lighting from above and the room is heated.





Kitchen: The kitchen is on the ground floor of the building, next to the main hall, providing easy access during buffets and special events. The kitchen is equipped with a full service sink, 6 gas burner professional cooker, fridge and freezer, microwave, storage and ample work surfaces.



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For all events you will need a Public Liability insurance certificate prior to accessing the church or hall for your event. Our facilities have adequate fire detection and alarm equipment.  We also have proper insurance to protect our members and staff, however you must provide insurance for your own event(s). £2,000,000 minimum Public Liability insurance is required for hiring the hall or church.

The Harlington Baptist Church Hall has car parking available in front of the hall, which will facilitate approximately 10 cars. Additionally, across High street there is room for four to six additional cars in front of Harlington Baptist Church and five to seven additional parking spaces behind the church.

The Harlington Baptist Church Hall provides disabled access. There is ramp access from outside and no stairs to gain access to the ground floor facilities. There is an accessible toilet available and the kitchen, hall and storage room do not require stairs, and doorways are wheelchair accessible.

The entire Harlington Baptist Church Hall is heated by both electric and gas heaters and radiators via boiler. The multipurpose rooms, storage room, kitchen and main hall all have standard incandescent lighting for normal operation.

Each room is equipped with standard electrical 13 Amp plug per room. Additional power requirements can be provided by rental generator power for special lighting and audio requirements.

The Harlington Baptist Church Hall has separate men’s, ladies, and children’s toilets, and an accessible toilet for the disabled. All toilets are located on the ground floor of the building and are shared by the multipurpose rooms and main hall.

For more information on letting our hall or queries about letting the church for a one-off event or for long term, please contact us on
+44 (0) 208 616 4616

Harlington Baptist Church Hall
266 High Street
Harlington Hayes,
Middlesex London